Top water purifiers for clean and pure water

FP Studio June 20, 2020 00:00:00 IST
Top water purifiers for clean and pure water

For those who want to witness how their water gets purified

Most of us are inquisitive to know how the filters fixed at our homes purify water. The process is actually intriguing as it takes tap water and purifies it, making it safe for drinking. This 15-litre elegant design Water purifier has transparent cover and purified water level indicator. It provides you double purity by RO and UV with the TDS controller. The technology destroys microbes, bacteria and viruses. The device also comes with computer controlled operation with filter change alarm and UV fail alarm. This is as safe as it gets!

If you are looking for Mineral RO technology

A lot of time the groundwater that is sent to homes contains a lot of minerals that may prove to be harmful for consumption. We do not want to fall sick by drinking something that is as essential for our living, do we? This device which boasts of an 8-litre tank, has a transparent design and shows off its patented Mineral RO technology and inbuilt TDS controller.

It works amazingly well in purifying brackish, tap and municipal water and contains a carbon block filter, UF and post carbon auto-flushing system and UV lamp. It has a purification capacity for 15 litres per hour. So get this one if you have a big family!

When you are looking for a smart filtration device

Sometimes with compact living in urban areas, it becomes important that the devices you keep at home uphold a certain standard, while being utilitarian at the same time. This device boasts of a highly compact modern design to suit the needs of your smart home. It is powered by the RO+UV+MTDS technology which treats water from different sources like taps, borewell and tankers. Equipped with a 6-litre storage tank, it has smart energy saving mode and automatically turns off power once the water tank is full. Get this for clean water and saving energy at the same time.

For those looking for 6-stage purification

Purity of drinking water is of optimum importance. You not only need a device that rids your drinking water from impurities, but rather you need one that provides you with multiple layers of filtration so that you can rest easy knowing your drinking water is perfectly clean. This device, with patented Side Stream RO Membrane is suitable for water with low and high TDS and it adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium back into the water.
Purified water is collected for drinking in a storage tank and impurities in the water are flushed to the drain, keeping the kitchen clutter-free. Get this for purifying water as well as added minerals with this one!

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