Top water colours for kids

FP Studio November 11, 2020 00:11:00 IST
Top water colours for kids

Well capped tubes

This water colour set includes as many as 12 colours all varying in shades from bright to dark. It is manufactured by one of the oldest and well known stationery manufacturing companies. The colours range from white to shades of yellow, red, orange, blue to black. This water colour allows transparent, free- flow intermixing of the colours and are available in capped tubes which does not let the paint dry out, also it keeps colour wastage at bay. Just squeeze the amount required and you are good to go. For the best of options, hit the buy button on this one.

42 pigment rich colours

This watercolor set is one of an exquisite kind. It consists of as many as 42 pigment rich vibrant colours. What makes this water colour unique is the design. It is foldable and easy to carry around which makes it convenient for your child to take it anywhere they wish to. This watercolor set comes with an inbuilt mixing palette, watercolor sponge and an aqua squeeze brush. Convenient to carry, buy your kid this watercolor set and let the painter inside explore the world.

Tablet colours

The colours are present in the form of tablets in this set, which makes art a spill-free less messy experience for your child. The colours are organic, bright and easy to use. This water colour set also includes a paint brush and has a lid to keep the colours from falling out. A good choice if your child is new to this art of painting and has just begun to explore it. It results in a smooth and transparent finish. Get this organic set of water colours for a neat spill-free experience.

Time for some fun activity

This set of water colours consists of 12 tiny ready to use colour bottles. It is extremely affordable and easy to use. The bright playful colours are specially developed for early age children. This set of water colours is ideal for motor skill and sensory development in childhood. It lets your child have a fun time and at the same time helps in boosting their creativity, imagination, attention span too. Buy these colours if your child is a beginner to enhance their knack for painting.

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