Top washing powder for clean clothes

FP Studio October 21, 2020 09:58:01 IST
Top  washing powder for clean clothes

Better care for clothes

This product can be used both in semi-automatic washing machines and for hand wash and gives you outstanding cleaning as well as brilliant whiteness. It is just perfect for your collars, cuffs, and underarms. You should buy this product as it cleans dirt and stains even from difficult-to-clean areas. This does not leave behind stains or marks on your clothes after washing and it helps increase the life of your clothes. Need to get rid of tough stains? This is your detergent.

Protects cloth fibre

The powder texture is soft and smooth with a fine perfume scent that gives you a whole new washing experience while giving your shirt a new look and protecting it from ageing. It also comes with nano fibre lock technology and it helps keep the texture of the fabric intact. It prevents fading of colours and cuts down on the production of lint during a wash cycle. For complete care of your clothes and to ensure that colours don’t fade, buy this detergent.

Your clothes deserve it

This powder comes with extra clean particles and it combines the power of stain removing products like bleach and lemon. It is a one stop solution for all your laundry woes. This is a 1kg packet but the product is available in both larger and smaller packets too. The superior technology removes a variety of common tough stains like oil, ketchup, chocolate, curry stains, tea etc. For best results, you have pre-soak the garment in a solution of washing powder for 30 minutes. This is a household name when it comes to detergents and is an obvious choice for clean clothes.

No fading, only cleaning

We all have had the experience white clothes turning grey after a number of washes. This is where this washing powder comes in handy as it has been specially developed to keep them bright white as they were new. The detergent will also give your clothes a long lasting fragrance after every wash. This detergent is a useful option when you have a hard water supply. It has active boosters to maintain whiteness of clothes and can be used for handwash only. To take care of your white clothes, go for this washing powder.

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