Top Washing Machines for all your laundry needs

FP Studio June 23, 2020 00:24:46 IST
Top Washing Machines for all your laundry needs

With intuitive LED monitor

Get all your whites clearer and coloured clothes more vibrant than before with the air turbo enhanced washing machine. The device comes with a diamond drum structured tub and a magic filter for better friction and cleaning. The new LED technology will help you easily detect how much time is left for cleaning. The waterfall system makes sure that the detergent gets evenly mixed and the eco tub gives the clothes a thorough cleaning. This machine is highly suitable for every season as it comes with a monsoon mode that rotates the drum more to extract even more water.

Stops automatically if voltage is low

This high-tech washing machine comes with a smart intuitive feature. It can detect if the voltage is low and stops automatically. The smart machine can sense the load and take in water accordingly. It also recommends the required amount of detergent in accordance with the laundry load. The washing machine has a superior technology to provide you with a faster wash even when the water pressure is low. The spa wash system in this high performance product gives a smoother wash and reduces the amount of lint generated.

Keep your child safe with child lock

This 6.2 kg washing machine produces less noise and vibration so that you do not get disturbed in your house. The stainless steel drum that promises zero rust ensures a long shelf life. As the drum is not made of plastic, there is no scope for bacterial infestation. Now you get to restart washing from the position you had stopped due to power outage. With the auto restart feature, the machine cycle will start exactly from the same point where it had stopped. The turbo drum gives you the most powerful washing. The motor is corrosion free and has BMC motor protection, hence leaving no space for dust, insects or humidity.

Capture lint inside the machine

Equipped with a bionic magic filter, this washing machine ensures that the lint coming out of all your fabric gets captured inside the tub for filtering and you get cleaner and lint-free clothes. The machine has a wavy drum structure so that water gets stronger whirls cleaning clothes better. Also, the stainless steel drum is of a cubical shape for stronger water flow and deeper cleansing. The child lock will help you keep your child away from the device.

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