Top wallpapers for a beautiful upgrade

FP Studio October 16, 2020 15:21:04 IST
Top wallpapers for a beautiful upgrade

Simple yet fashionable

The bright purple wallpaper comes with a highlighted self-design. Use this on furniture, kitchen, or in the bedroom. The surface is quoted with PVC that makes the wallpaper easy to clean. The product is available in three other colors – light pink, light purple, and white – to brighten up the walls. The exquisite flower design detailing is likely to add simplicity and versatility. They are shockproof and quake-resistant. Go for this if you want a wallpaper that is easy to clean.

Realistic and rich look

This self-adhesive wallpaper has a premium texture and comes in grey bricks design. The wallpaper gives a much more realistic and rich look to the walls. The thick material adds to the longevity of this wallpaper. It is ideal for kitchen cabinets or living room walls or even for the washing area. The tile texture adds volume to the walls. The dark color makes them look cleaner for a long. It is oil and stain proof. The brick wallpaper is manufactured to look like the walls are made of the square bricks. If you are planning to add a more realistic touch to your home, then go for this stain proof option.

Vibrant color options

This multi-color and diverse wallpaper is likely to add more color to your walls. Nature print wallpaper, with beautiful birds, butterflies, flowers, and branches, is available in four different sizes making it convenient to get the continuous pattern. It has a matte finish and is made of high quality, waterproof and durable material. The wallpapers are long-lasting and stay on for years without fading. This one can be easily cleaned with the help of a damp cloth. They are ideal for the living room, bedroom, among others. Easy to install, just peel and apply them to the desired area. If you like to be surrounded by nature and colorful walls then this is for you.

Floral design and subtle base

Beautifully designed wallpaper is sure to give your home a very luxurious makeover. The floral design wallpaper with a light grey base will lighten up and add value to the walls. Decorate your living room with a matching floral sofa. This wallpaper is sure to transform the home in minutes. It will add warmth and subtle design. This budget-friendly wallpaper can also make for a good gifting option. Let your creativity roam free while using this attractive wallpaper to design your home. If you are looking for a more luxurious upgrade, then your search ends here.

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