Top treadmills to keep yourself fit

FP Studio October 15, 2020 18:26:16 IST
Top treadmills to keep yourself fit

Unique running surface

You can jog on this treadmill with a top speed of 14km per hour. It is a combination of modern features along with Bluetooth app to connect treadmill your mobile. It has a unique running surface with side rail making it more convenient for daily use. The colour is classic black while the frame is made of steel allow which means it is strong treadmill. There are 12 pre-set programs for efficient workout and three target-based modes. There are wheels for easy transportation. You can control the speed and stop the brake at any time on the LED control panel. If you seek a strong and sturdy treadmill, look no further.

Anti-skid running board

It has the combination of great looks and functionality to provide you an outstanding workout experience at home. The treadmill has an ergonomic design and sturdy frame. With a max user weight of 90 kg and a speed range of 0.8-14km/hr, this robust and stable equipment can easily accommodate any user, from beginners to accomplished ones. This modern treadmill can be connected to the Fitplus App, displaying all your stats in real time. Fitplus App can further be connected with other leading health apps such as Google Fit and Apple. One can conveniently monitor all health parameters such as calories burnt. This treadmill has spacious and anti-skid running board, to help keep you safe even when you are running at full speed. This will appeal to those who need a compact treadmill.

In-built speakers

This is a great solution for getting fit easily and in the comfort of your home and office. It has 90 degree foldable design, which is the perfect space saving and storing solution. The 12 preset workout programs help you to set variable exercise mode for weight loss training and endurance training. This treadmill is also equipped with speakers to listen to music while exercising and to keep you entertained and energized. All of these features come at a very reasonable price which makes it very budget-friendly.

12 program modes

This compact treadmill has a powerful motor that supports high belt speeds. Enjoy walking, jogging, or running on the lightweight treadmill’s running deck that has shock absorption. During your workout sessions, you can track your distance, duration, speed, pulse, and calories burned on the home treadmill with the built-in 5-inch LCD. With the software BMI calculator, you can calculate your BMI on the LCD. Adjust your workout preferences in seconds with the quick buttons, 12 program modes, and the handrail buttons. You can control your in-workout entertainment on the running treadmill with the device holder that’s mounted on the console and charge your personal device during your workout using the fitness equipment’s on-console USB port. This feature-packed treadmill is for buyers who want the best one of them all.

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