Top traditional torans to decorate your door frames.

FP Studio September 16, 2020 22:35:57 IST
Top traditional torans to decorate your door frames.

Vibrant peacock design

It is a beautiful decorative piece for your door that is designed in a way that it can be hanged easily at your door. It has a red velvet band with beautifully hand woven peacocks with vibrant coloured threads. To make it more appealing, it has a pattern of white, red and green beads with small multi colored tinkers bells and golden flowers. If you love velvet fabric then this VARNI CREATION Velvet Door Toran is definitely for you. It is 37” inches for one door and is said to bring good luck to your home.

Shiny and glittery look

This toran has a unique traditional design which is easy to clean and durable. REPTUM DECOR Cotton Toran had a shiny golden band with design woven with golden threads. It has guttering red, blue, green and yellow, patches fixed on it with multicoloured beads and pearls making loops along with various hanging decorative items attached to it. These ethnic embellishments are said to bring in good vibes to your home and wind off the evil ones. It has the size of 105cm X 32cm, 37”inches. If you love glittery and shiny things, this toran will definitely satisfy your likings.

A complete bead work toran

If you love Rajasthan fine art, you are definitely going to love this toran. It is completely made of beads. The string of white pearls are attached with a hanging sequence of red, golden, green, and white beads in an increasing and then decreasing progression giving it a triangular look. At the end of every such triangle is another bunch of 3 freely hanging bead strings.Tuski Cotton Toran, looks very elegant and sophisticated with its size of 4 ft, 48” inches.

A perfect blend of Gujrati and Rajasthani fine art

This toran is a mixture of Gujrati and Rajasthani style of fine art in it. SWADESI STUFF Fabric Bandhanwar Toran Door Hanging has a pearl white band with hand woven design made from golden thread. To make it look colorful, it has patches of red and green with mirrors and white beads attached to the base band alternatively. White and golden beads make loops and triangular hanging progressions, which are alternately repeated over at the base of the band. The white and golden combination looks rich and the small red and green patches overall makes a serene and peaceful feeling wash over you at the very first glance at it.

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