Top spray mops for better cleaning

FP Studio February 02, 2021 10:52:53 IST
Top spray mops for better cleaning

Affordable cleaning mop

We found this 2-in-1, dry cum wet, spray mop set conveniently efficient and affordable. It comes with four easy-to-assemble parts: upper & lower mop poles, microfibre cleaning pad, mop head, and refilling liquid bottle. The product's 360-degree mop spinning allows for thorough cleaning of nooks and corners. The machine-washable mop cloth, made of super-fine microfibre, attracts hair, dust, grime, etc. You can use water or any other cleaning liquid in the spray bottle - all you need to do is push the lever on the handle and remove stubborn stains in one swipe. The slim and compact design with a hooked handle facilitates easy storing. We suggest this product for large, busy households that have a lot going on through the day.

Durable spray cleaning mop

This product is a durable, compact floor mopping gadget with a perfect-sized, liquid-tight, spray bottle. Buy this mop and do away with the cumbersome water bucket. The simple trigger spray mechanism on the handle sprays just the right amount of liquid - no wastage, no spillage. You will find it easy to store this straight, slim-designed mop, out of sight behind doors. The microfibre mop cloth is ideal for all-round cleaning. You can easily reach inaccessible areas to remove dust, hair, lint, grime and the greasiest of stains. The long handle allows for a good standing posture. We recommend this product for small apartments with less storage space.

Innovative spray mop

This spray floor mopper will help make cleaning truly easy. This flat-headed mop can clean tiles, linoleum, marble, panels, wooden and stone floors, etc. The mop comes with a detachable microfibre cloth, which can be cleaned and reused several times. A long, slim mop pole has the liquid dispenser placed low, close to the mop head. You can angle the mop to focus the spray on a dirty spot. The hooked handle has an integrated trigger, allowing you to spray and swipe on the move. This mop effortlessly lifts dust, hair, grime, etc. to leave your floor spotlessly clean. We suggest this product for all those fastidious families who love a spotless home.

Microfiber floor mop

This product comes with a microfibre spray mop, a 360-degree revolving, PVC base, a long handle, a reusable cleaning microfiber, and a trigger-controlled sprayer. The mop head seamlessly adjusts as you move it along the floor, allowing deeper, minute cleaning. The long, adjustable mop handle supports good, straight posture - you need not bend while cleaning. You can easily detach the spray bottle and it up with filled water or disinfectants of your choice. All parts are detachable, storable, and manageable. This mop picks dirt, dust, lint, grime, and hair from all types of floors. However, it is especially good at wood floor cleaning. If you have vinyl-laminate or hardwood floors, go for this mop.

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