Top soups which taste great

FP Studio October 15, 2020 15:10:25 IST
Top soups which taste great

A classic choice

This company is known for its variety of ready to sip soups. This is a tomato soup is 100% vegetarian and is made up of real vegetables and contains no added preservatives. This soup is consists of the goodness of spice and tomatoes. This thick tomato soup a good way to keep the chills of winter at bay. Just in case you are feeling like having some Italian today, this tomato soup can be an excellent side dish with white sauce pasta. If you are looking for a vegetarian soup, then you must give it a try.

Packed with nutrients

Having problems such as a blocked nose or if you love spice in everything? In that case this soup is for you. The packet contains as many as 20 satchets of this ready to cook soup. This soup captures the very flavours of Indian Chinese along with that it contains the goodness of carrots, broccoli, capsicum and onions—all finely chopped. For those who seek a spicy soup, this one could be a good choice.

Wholesome meal

This soup is made up of real mushrooms and goodness of spinach, garlic and celery seeds. It is a wholesome meal in itself and keeps your stomach full for longer hours. Creamy and yum, the spinach keeps your iron at check while the mushrooms take care of your Vitamin B intake protecting your red blood cells as well as the digestive system. The celery in this soup keeps a check on your glycemic index providing essential minerals such as potassium to your body. The garlic protects you from unwanted bacteria. This soup is a must try if you like want the taste of real vegetables.

Chicken soup for the soul

This soup is rich in protein as it contains chicken. A great pick for non-vegetarians, unlike many soups in the market this one is low in fat and sugar. Instead it contains barley, turmeric and of course chicken. The turmeric fights the unwanted elements such as bacteria and virus protecting your body from unwanted illness keeping it healthy. Barley is a good way to fill in that hungry stomach even through low appetite days. If you love non-veg and are looking for a healthy soup that is low in fat and sugar, this is your product.

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