Top sleeping bags to keep you covered

FP Studio August 24, 2020 13:24:56 IST
Top sleeping bags to keep you covered

With zipper lock
This comfortable bag comes with a zipper lock technology and hence it prevents any types of snag. Also, the double zipper feature helps to unlock the sleeping bag from inside. Perhaps, the biggest advantage of this bag is that it is made of nylon which is water-resistant. There is also a high-quality hollow fibre with fleece liner which supports 10 to 0°C, so your sleeping bag is not only comfortable but also warm at night. If you are looking for a waterproof sleeping bag to cater to your round-the-year needs, then this is perfectly suited for you.

Pockets for wallet, phone
This sleeping bag has been designed to ensure you get a relaxing sleep after a tiring day of trekking, hiking, travel or any other activities. It has a mummy-shape design which is wide at the shoulders and narrow at the legs end to provide maximum comfort. The bag has a polyester lining which is skin-friendly and the stitches are also done precisely to enhance durability. There are in-built pockets for wallet and phone and hence you can sleep carefree. Want a product which is best for camping with its durable material and comfortable design? Look no further.

Fits into the compression sack
These sleeping bags provide more shoulder and leg room and they also have a footbox which provides more room for your feet. There is a hood which you can clinch down tightly for added warmth.. It has a robust and durable zipper closure that allows breathability, ventilation and flexibility. The sturdy strap on the top secures the zipper and prevents the bag from opening. This product has tubes and strips of insulation across the chest and along the zipper so that no warmth is lost. The sleeping bag folds to a compact size that fits perfectly in the compression sack and can be easily carried in your car or bicycle. This product is meant for anyone who needs a sleeping bag that offers convenient storage and frees up space in your pack for other gear.

Lightweight material
This is a light sleeping bag made of polyester that can be compressed into a rectangular shape. It has a thermo channel throughout the zipper and is compact. The zipper coils reduces the amount of heat loss. The plush material to the edge of the bag gives you relaxing comfort. It has internal pockets to keep your valuables close at hand and has a waterproof outer material. The sleeping bag is around 6 feet in size and is available in a green colour. Should suit buyers who want to go for a sleeping bag with the best of comfort.

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