Top single door refrigerators

FP Studio October 14, 2020 10:26:03 IST
Top single door refrigerators

Maintains moisture at optimal level

This single door refrigerator is suitable for a small family and even bachelors. Economical it provides cooling without any fluctuation. This single door fridge also has lattice patterned box covers maintains the moisture at optimal level and is rat bite resistant—which makes it unique. It has a total capacity of 190 litres, the vegetable basket inside the fridge can hold up to 12.6litres. If you are looking for a single door refrigerator which will be a real value for money, this fridge is for you.

Garden fresh food

This single door refrigerator has a capacity of 215 litres and a five-star energy rating. The company is known for its varied and unique refrigerators. It keeps vegetables and a fruit garden fresh for over seven days and also keeps the milk in your fridge safe for up to 12 hours despite power cuts. Another added feature that makes this single door fridge wholesome is that it comes with an additional rack at the bottom which gives you the space to store onions and potatoes. For those who want to save on their electricity bills, this is your product.

Good looks you can’t ignore

With automatic adjustment of speed in response cooling demand, quieter operation and energy efficiency this single door fridge is a winner. It protects the freshness of your food. It also runs on solar energy and does not require an additional stabilizer. The shelves are made of spill proof toughened glass. It is suitable for families with 2 to 3 members and bachelors. The refrigerator does well in the looks department too. This is one of the most well respected consumer electronics brand and the refrigerator is a great choice for those who want a product to tick all the right boxes.

Sturdy appliance

Are you looking for a sturdy, eco-friendly and budget friendly single door refrigerator? This fridge is a combination of all four. The refrigerator has a technology that enables ice cooling within 60 minutes. The refrigerant gas a low global warming potential so yes you are being eco-friendly when you buy this one. It has a reciprocatory compressor that ensures optimum cooling and toughened glass shelves. For fast cooling, it is clearly one of the best options available.

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