Top shower gel for soft and smooth skin

FP Studio October 19, 2020 14:53:35 IST
Top shower gel for soft and smooth skin

Mild and hydrating gel

This shower gel contains glycerine and natural oils, making it very gentle even on most sensitive skin type. The golden glow gel leaves the skin feeling soft and smiling with innocence. This gel not just washes your body but also deep cleanses impurities. It keeps your body hydrated by locking skin’s natural oil’s and moisture. The sweet and soothing aroma envelops your senses to enhance bathing experience. It is a gentle way for you to attain clean healthy glowing skin. It is skin pH balanced and contains skin conditioning agents and mild cleansers. Want your skin to feel fresh and moisturised, then go for this.


This shower get is likely to upgrade your bathing experience with a blend of charcoal and mint. Charcoal powder cleanses skin, unclogs pores and removes deeper impurities while mint oil soothes skin with a long-lasting freshness and cooling effect. This shower gel is safe for your skin and is alcohol, BPA and parabens free. The exfoliating properties of the shower get stimulates your senses and leaves your skin glowing. It is suitable for men and women. Apply gently for a clean and refreshing feeling. Go for this if you want luxurious bathing experience.

Care oil pearls

Enriched with care oil pearls of frangipani and oil, this aqua gel moisturises skin, making it soft and supple. Every shower feels more relaxing and rejuvenating where skin is cared for. Allow the shower gel to envelop your skin with a silky soft foam and soothe your senses. The invigorating scent of frangipani flower keeps you feeling fresh and confident all day. The cleansing formula helps maintain skin’s pH balance. Looking for a better and advanced replacement of soap and smoother care for your skin, then this is it.

Spa-like experience

This shower gel is infused with blackcurrant and bearberry extracts that results in a younger and radiant looking skin. The indulgent fragrance surrounds you for a longer time and transforms a normal shower into a spa-like experience. It is enriched with skin conditioners and moisture lock leaving the skin feeling smooth and supple. Filled with goodness of natural ingredients, it is sure to highlight your day. Feeling tired or had a tough day and if you are looking to uplift your mood, your search ends here

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