Top serums for wonderful hair

FP Studio October 22, 2020 10:19:50 IST
Top serums for wonderful hair

Blend of 6 rare flower oils

This hair serum is a blend of 6 rare flower oils like sunflower oil, coconut oil and soyabean oil with other botanical extracts. The combination provides hydration for hair and seals the hair cuticles. The best feature about this product is that the hands do not get sticky even when you apply oil. The effect is very lasting which gives you great results. The luscious, lightweight hair oil serum is meant for dry hair, lifeless hair. It is by far, one of the best products out there for all-round protection of your hair.

For the shiny look

his serum will help you in controlling your frizzy, dull and dry hair. Use this serum before blow drying and styling your hair for the perfect results and look. It can be also used before straightening your hair for minimizing the effect of heat on hair. It has the goodness of Vitamin E and it prevents breakage and pesky split ends which makes it a boon for your rough hair. The antioxidant property even boosts hair elasticity and the shine remains all day. Buy this one because it has Vitamin E to give you flawless hair.

Health hair everyday

This smoothing serum nourishes your hair and adds instant shine to it. It is also very light and non-sticky and can be applied quite easily. The ingredients ensure that your hair remains healthy at all times. If used before a blow dry, the serum will protect your hair from damages caused due to heat styling. It offers a smooth feel to each strand and imparts an overall healthy look. Your search for a serum that results in silky, smooth hair ends here.

Improves hair texture

This hair serum is loaded with a high percentage of natural ingredients. This is a shine-enhancing, hair restoring, water-based hair serum that contains red onion seed oil extract, black seed oil, saw palmetto seed oil, watercress and Indian cress. It contains red onion seed oil extract that is rich in minerals, while the black seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids that help to add smoothness and shine to your strands. Watercress has antioxidants that improve hair texture. Indian Cress is rich in Vitamin C which prevents hair breakage. If a natural formula is your choice, buy this hair serum.

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