Top scented candles to keep the room fresh

FP Studio September 16, 2020 18:12:39 IST
Top scented candles to keep the room fresh

No long sleepless nights
This pillar candle is made from 100% pure paraffin wax and burns up to 20-24 hours without any smoke. The lavender essential oil in this candle will promote sleep and relaxation. It improves your sleep quality and quantity even for the people suffering from insomnia, depression and anxiety and keeps the room smelling of fresh lavender. If you are having a difficult time with your sleep, EIN SOF Scented 100% Pure Wax Pillar Candles.

Improves nervous coordination
A natural wax candle that spreads the soothing jasmine fragrance across your living space that is prepared without any candle additive. Jasmine fragrance is said to have many health benefits like transmitting messages to a brain region that is involved in controlling emotions and also influences the nervous system. It also helps in improving mood, nausea, and pain. If you are going through emotional imbalance, Eliora Jasmine Scented Natural Wax Candle is the best pick for you as it will sooth you down and put you into a trance of serenity.

Loaded with antioxidants
This set of two candles jars have lead free cotton wicks blended with wax that makes them burn up to 20 hours. The vanilla fragrance in it is strong and sweet having many beneficial properties like effectiveness in stopping the spread of dangerous bacteria without risking health. Rich in antioxidants, it prevents skin damage caused by free radicals slowing down signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. If you have a sweet tooth then you will definitely love Lighthaus Value Delicious Vanilla Caramel Aroma Scented Candles.

Better concentration and performance
A jar candle having apple cinnamon fragrance with 6 tea light refills that burns for approximately 3 hours each adding up to 18 hours in total. The scent of cinnamon works as a physical and emotional stimulant. The sweet and warm smell of cinnamon is effective in helping you concentrate and perform better when doing a task. For students it is like a brain tonic that will keep your mind active and help you study more efficiently. If you are preparing for any entrance exam or your board exams, simply light Hosley Apple Cinnamon Highly Fragranced, 2.65 Oz Wax, Jar Candle and let your performance and efficiency improve.

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