Top rice electric rice cookers to complete your kitchen

FP Studio April 12, 2021 01:54:35 IST
Top rice electric rice cookers to complete your kitchen

Retain the nutrients with this rice cooker

Cooking your rice in this cooker's concealed vessel under high temperature ensures that no nutrients are lost in the cooking process. This lid ensures that the flavors of your food are retained and the rice is warm after being cooked. It also has cool-touch handles that make it easy to carry. It can cook porridge, soup, stew, pulao, and idlis. The capacity is 1.5l. If warm, moist, and delicious rice is what you love, then the Prestige Delight rice cooker is perfect for you.

Multi-purpose easy to use rice cooker

This rice cooker has a stainless-steel lid with Bakelite Knob. The capacity of the cooker is 1.8l. The rice cooker comes with a spatula and measuring cup. The cooker has a swivel cord with a length of 1.1m, so you can easily place it on a table or any flat surface near a plug point in your kitchen. The cooker has a cook and warm indicator, giving you the choice to cook the food or just warm it up. This rice cooker is ideal for bachelors as it cooks rice plus heats up the food.

Save cooking time with this rice cooker

This appliance has a total volume of 2.7l with a raw capacity of 600g. This automatic rice cooker cooks rice fast and also retains its nutrient value. The anodized aluminum cooking pan absorbs heat quickly and saves cooking time. Thus, proving to be energy-efficient. Being compact, this rice cooker can be placed conveniently on your kitchen slab or over the counter. The cooker switches off automatically once the rice is cooked, making it safe for use. It keeps rice warm for about 4 hours after it is cooked. It has heat-proof bridge handles. This ensures a comfortable grip while holding the rice cooker. This Panasonic rice cooker comes with a scoop holder that makes cooking less messy.

Cook rice effortlessly in this rice cooker

With this rice cooker, all you need to do is put the right amount of rice and water, and it will do the rest. The stylish exterior makes it exclusively presentable. Using the Bajaj RCX 5 1.8l rice cooker can help you save time, cooking gas, and kitchen space. It lets you prepare rice easily for a small family. It is designed with a detachable power cord system. This allows you to remove the power cord when it is not in use. Since it requires very little power, using this appliance doesn’t affect your electricity bills. Its strong handles on either side make it easy to carry this rice cooker. This non-stick cooker with auto shut-off ensures that your rice doesn’t get overcooked.

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