Top remote control toys for a fun time

FP Studio July 25, 2020 00:00:47 IST
Top remote control toys for a fun time

Need for speed

If you are looking to surprise your kid with a remote control car then here's your pick. This toy is made of high quality plastic and rubber, so it is lightweight. This car has a 360-degree front wheel design that makes it easy to flip and spin at any angles. Kids can perform all kinds of cool stunts with this toy. The radio remote control system provides rapid response. This racing car is a draw for those who want to opt for a good-quality toy at an affordable price.

Toy for all terrain

This toy truck has amazing crawling technology and strong shocks that make it perfect to use on rugged roads or off-road. It can easily climb over pebbles and large stones without affecting its performance. This truck has rubber tires that provide more flexibility when the car is being run on slops. The front grille has a safe design capable to withstand any impact. The battery of this toy has charging time of about 30 hours and can offer about 15-25 minutes for playing time. If you are looking for remote control toy that is perfect and powerful for all terrain then you should go for this truck.

A sports car

If your kids love sports cars, then this Ferrari toy car is perfect. It has doors which open and adjustable front wheel alignment. The detailed interior and exterior rims and tires add style to its overall look. You should purchase this remote-controlled car as its batteries are rechargeable. This stylish looking yellow car will surely be one of the best toys your kid owns.

Easy to operate

This racing speed car comes with a charger. The headlights of this toy car function just like a real car and light up when it goes forward. The amazing part of this toy car is its simple two-joystick remote control. The speed of this toy car is 8 to 10 mph and your child can use it to have a racing game with friends. The many features and multiple functions make this a must-buy toy.

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