Top recommended toothpaste for kids

FP Studio March 18, 2021 12:20:33 IST
Top recommended toothpaste for kids

Get fresh berry breath

Finding the correct toothpaste is a crucial decision for your child’s long-term oral wellbeing. This toothpaste is specially formulated with high-quality ingredients like Xylitol, aloe vera and stevia for newly forming teeth and gums. Xylitol, a natural plant ingredient, protects the teeth from tooth decay and plaque formation while aloe vera gel relieves sore gums when the new teeth come through. Safe, even if swallowed, this baby-friendly toothpaste is an all-round winner.

Strengthen as you brush

Children usually enjoy brushing their teeth when their toothpaste tastes good. With a tangy strawberry flavour, this toothpaste helps your children look forward to brushing their teeth twice a day. The fluoride-free formulation is safe for kids while the triple calcium and phosphate help with healthier teeth and fresh breath for long. For all parents looking to keep tooth decay, cavities, bad breath, and gum disease at bay, this is a great choice.

Natural strawberry mint flavour

Kids from ages 6-9 already know how to brush but can use a little encouragement. Finding the right toothpaste to help them reach for a toothbrush isn’t easy. But when you have fun flavours like this strawberry mint flavoured by Colgate, you can safely encourage your kids to brush their way to healthy smiles. With age-appropriate fluoride and 0% preservatives, sweeteners and colours, this is your best bet to build good oral hygiene habits for healthy teeth in the future.

Specially formulated for babies

With babies, tubes of toothpaste with fluoride can cause dental fluorosis. That’s why this fluoride, preservative-free toothpaste gently sanitizes baby’s gum and helps the healthy growth of baby’s teeth. Made with Xylitol, it helps prevent tooth decay and boosts dental health. Enriched with bio-available calcium, it strengthens baby’s milk teeth and has Low REA (Relative enamel abrasivity). This ensures the toothpaste is not too abrasive and keeps tooth enamel intact. If you want to clean your little ones’ teeth thoroughly without causing any damage, pick this SLS-free toothpaste today.

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