Top ready to cook breakfasts

FP Studio August 24, 2020 22:36:55 IST
Top ready to cook breakfasts

The best of options

This super saver pack has all the essential nutrients and does not compromise on taste either. It pays attention to your health needs. What's more, it brings to you excellent home food quality. A great option to have at home when can prepare the meal in a few simple steps. All it needs is a few minutes and some hot water. Another plus is that it is super affordable and saves you a lot of time. A nutritious and perfect breakfast, it is a god-send for those busy executives, working moms and students.

No preservatives added

This high-quality meal comes in smart packaging and transparent labelling. In a market overcrowded with products claiming this and that, this one stands out for its commitment to matchless quality. It is a 100% organic product, free from any harmful additives and preservatives. Keep it away from direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place. Order this quick and easy to prepare dish and satiate your hunger pangs. This is easy to prepare pack is for those looking at a nutritious breakfast alternative

As easy as they come

Five simple steps, eight minutes of cooking and some hot water is all you need to whip up a good south Indian meal. This ready-to-eat combo has all the goodness of a home cooked idli and sambhar. You do not even need the help of a YouTube video or call up a friend. The easy steps are listed on the back of the package. No prior experience in cooking is required, just follow the instructions and you will do a fine job. It provides authentic taste and quality. If you enjoy a good south Indian meal, stock up on these.

Get charged for a long day

You can always trust on this ready-to-eat poha. The demands on your time and a super busy schedule should not come in the way of a good breakfast. This instant poha will keep you charged and focused and help you steer away from binging on unhealthy options. You get the right colour and taste without any artificial colouring. This one comes with a lemon flavour and has the pitch perfect home cooked feel to it. It can be had anywhere and the box comes complete with a spoon. So, if you are in the mood for some satisfying and rich breakfast, here it is.

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