Top razors for women

FP Studio November 06, 2020 00:08:05 IST
Top razors for women

Full body razor

Designed as a razor for women, it glides smoothly along your curves and leaves you with smooth skin. Simply apply water and soap, glide this razor against the direction of hair growth and then wash and apply your favourite moisturizer. Each refill lasts approximately 3 months, depending on usage - basis full body hair removal once a week. Post this period you can purchase the refill pack. For the smoothest experience, try this razor with soap gel bars, avocado oils and body butter. This hair remover can be used by any woman/girl on face, arms, underarms and legs. If you are looking for razor refills which will last for a long time, this is the right choice.

With aloe vera strip

This is a top-of-the-line, reusable razor, especially engineered for Indian women, for a smooth and hassle-free shave. Its flexible head contours over tricky areas effortlessly and helps protect your skin from nicks and cuts, giving you a comfortable and flawless shaving experience. This razor ensures smooth shave on the trickiest skin texture like that of the underarms. This razor shaves the skin safely without causing any cuts. The Swedish stainless steel ensures a closer and smoother shave, while the aloe vera strip provides your skin with long-lasting moisturization.

Facial hair remover

You can treat yourself to hair-free, smooth and younger-looking skin every day thanks to this razor. It is a great, on-the-go beauty tool that removes unwanted hair from the face. It also helps shape eyebrows. The razor alo gently exfoliates the skin. The razor not only removes unwanted hair but also it effectively removes dry and dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin cells with a natural glow. It has a high-quality single blade uniquely designed to cut hair from the surface of the skin without giving any nicks and cuts. For a top quality blade, this is the razor you should buy.

Forget about irritation

This is one of the few women's razors designed to give an irritation-free shave. With its independently suspended blades, this razor provides an irritation-free shave in a matter of minutes, seconds even. The sensitive coating on the guards provides an added protection that eliminates nicks, cuts and razor burns. Owing to its anti-clog system, the ability to take longer strokes makes it a super razor. It cuts even the finest of hair effortlessly reducing uneven and ingrown hair growth. With all these features, this is one of the best women’s razors available in the market.

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