Top quality weighing scales to keep a tab on your fitness

FP Studio June 30, 2020 00:17:59 IST
Top quality weighing scales to keep a tab on your fitness

Weight and temperature rolled into one

While exercising, other than knowing how much you have lost or gained, it is helpful to know about the room temperature. If you are feeling mildly unwell while working out, this device will help you find out your surrounding temperature so that you do not exhaust yourself unnecessarily. A higher temperature could leave you feeling more fatigued. This weighing scale is an instant step on an auto-calibrated platform that can give you accurate measurements in pounds or kilograms up to 400 Lb/180 Kg. It shows atmospheric temperature in degree centigrade. The device sees the scale turn off automatically when you step off or leave it idle for a few minutes.

You won’t miss out on workout with this device

Are you one of those people who never miss out your workout session even when you are on vacation? A light and portable weighing machine which helps you stay on your dietary track could be the thing for you. This simple, state-of-the-art wavy design device, built of sturdy lightweight ABS material, is perfect. The 4 G-Sensors are precisely devised with a manufacturing tolerance of +/-300g giving you accurate results every time you step on it.

An option in glass

Even a weighing machine could be a style statement apart from being utilitarian. Imagine a guest arriving at your home, you would not want them to see a bulky device kept at the corner of a room? A sleek glass weighing scale seems so much more upmarket. This digital body fitness weighing scale has been designed with high precision sensors that display the exact weight placed upon it. It boasts a strong bearing platform that has been crafted from strengthened tempered glass and has slim design that enables easy storage of the weighing scale when not in use.

Looking for a large display, this is it

A lot of us have the habit of weighing ourselves after coming out of the shower to help us stay on track in our fitness goals. Regular weighing also helps us formulate long term goals in maintaining our body weight. This device features a thick tempered glass that is virtually unbreakable with normal use. It is equipped with four high precision strain gauge and load cell sensors, ensuring an accurate reading.
It has an easy to read large display which measures in pounds and kilograms with a minimum weight capacity of 7 kilograms and Maximum weight capacity of 150 kgs.

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