Top quality pen sets for your stationery needs

FP Studio June 23, 2020 00:27:21 IST
Top quality pen sets for your stationery needs

Now let loose the wings of creativity

The micron pen set is perfect for the creator in you. Create beautiful doodles and sketches with these 6 pens. The micron pens come in different sized nibs – 0.2 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.35 mm, 0.45 mm and 0.5 mm – and in black colour. The ink is waterproof to help your art get immortalized. Even people who require drawing graphs or clear cut calculations frequently like scientists, entomologists, anthropologists and architects can ideally use this pen on a daily basis. Your signatures will surely be tamper proof if done with these pens.

Your kid will love this pen set with comic book angle

Every child is in love with one or the other cartoon that comes in the way of their learning. But what if you can make them study in a fun and enjoyable way? This can be done by getting them a pen set that is based on their favorite comic book character. Every pen from this pack has a superhero drawn on them.
There are seven different pens in the pack. While you get two ball pens and two gel pens, there is one roller tank pen, 1 fountain pen and a mechanical pencil to win your kid’s heart.

This one is perfect as a gift

Stop worrying about what to give a child on their birthday. This cute pack of pens can win hearts at birthday parties and as welcoming gifts. Effective and perfect for long use, these fancy gel pens come with cutesy figures and designs made on them. In a single pack, you can get two gel pens with blue ink. These pens are very light in weight, so they are ideal for prolonged writing. The pens have a small precise point that gives a firm, solid and smooth texture.

Keep those high class artwork coming with these technical pens

A value for money pack, the set comes with six black ink pens. Extremely versatile, these pens can be used to write or sketch with ease. On the other hand, these would be extremely compatible with rulers and templates for architectural and technical work. The ink is waterproof and promises to leave no smear and won’t bleed through on the paper. Grab this pen set to be at the top of your game.

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