Top quality face masks without a valve

FP Studio July 15, 2020 12:56:19 IST
Top quality face masks without a valve

5 layers of protection

This face mask comes with an M-shaped nose clip so that it is perfectly fit on your nose. One of the best things about this mask that it’s one size fits the majority of the people. The mask offers 3D three-dimensional ventilation space, so that you do not feel uncomfortable while breathing through it. The major reason to buy this mask is its five-layer protection to filter out dust, germs and particulate matter with 95 per cent filtering efficiency.

Protects from bacteria and germs

This is a multipurpose mask that can be used by medical practitioners as well as common folk. One of its salient features includes the fact that it is very light weight and is also reusable. The mask has a high elastic ear look so that the fitting is not compromised. You should choose this mask since it is made of non-toxic, good-quality material. While all masks are protective, the fabric used for making thus ensures that this one is the most comfortable.

Made of skin friendly fabric

This mask provides multi-layer filtration. This basically means that various layers of the product protect you from dust, pollution etc. The fabric used in its making is skin friendly so that you do not suffer from rashes while you are wearing it. One can also not ignore the phenomenal fitting of this product. The mask has stretchable loops that are designed in a way that it does not hurt your ear. This zero metal mask fits very well on the nose and mouth too. The USP of this mask is that it has odour absorption technology thanks to the special anti-odour control and moisture control fabric that is used and can be worn for long hours.

One size fits all

The multi-layer face mask is made up of synthetic fibre for longer continuous wear time. This one size fit mask ensures that half of your face is completely covered with it. There is also a nose clip in the mask with which one can adjust it properly. The mask is a sturdy one and therefore remains as effective in all weather conditions including excessive heat, rain etc. The mask is ideal for use while jogging, running, bike riding or when travelling due to its comfortable fabric and adjustable nose clip which ensures minimal discomfort.

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