Top potty seats for your toddler

FP Studio March 24, 2020 00:13:44 IST
Top potty seats for your toddler

Online Choice Baby Toilet Trainer Potty Seat
Just like mom and ​dad’s big potty, this pint-size pink potty looks just like the real deal. Pave the way for your little one to transition from potty training to full-on potty use. Featuring a seat that flips up and down, this is even good practise for little boys in training. There’s a removable bowl for easy cleaning and this one is perfect for kids of age groups 6 to 36 months. Made from 100% virgin plastic this hygienic training potty is suitable for both boys and girls. Teach your child to sit himself or herself down with ease. Compact and easy to carry around, you can take this seat on vacation to enable your child to feel comfortable and safe on the toilet anywhere.

BabyGo Cushioned Potty Seat, Toilet Seat with Handle for Kids
After using a potty chair for a while, it's time for a transition to a potty seat. The Babygo cushioned potty seat is perfect for potty training your toddler. It fits perfectly on top of a regular toilet seat to add to the comfort of your child. The easy grip handles provide stability and are designed to encourage independence and build confidence in toddlers while toilet training. A durable model that won't tip over, this Babygo potty seat has a hook that enables you to hang it nearby for convenient access. Perfect for travelling in trains and planes, this seat is meant for children nine months and above.

Mee Mee Soft Cushioned Potty Seat with Support Handles
Potty training your baby can be extremely challenging. Mee Mee’s Soft Cushioned Potty Seat with support handles is here to make things easier for you and your tiny tot. The easy grip handles give this seat stability and grip while the pee shield helps to make this activity mess-free and comfortable for your baby and you. Made of durable, non-toxic PVC, this toilet seat has a non-slip base and padded seat to keep your baby's cushioned and cosy. Colourful characters and designs appeal to kids, creating a friendly surrounding in which they can relax and go to the loo in ease.

R for Rabbit Cucu Potty Seat - The Cute & Comfy Potty Training Seat
If it’s bells and whistles wheels and fun you want, this is the potty seat for you. From a steering wheel, to a honking horn, a slide out bowl and wheels that turn but never touch the ground, this potty is all about making training fun. Made with smooth finish this uniquely designed seat makes it safe and comfortable for your baby to complete her/his task easily. The seating of CUCU Potty Seat is comfortable and the design has no sharp edges which makes it more elegant and comfy for your child. Light in weight and easy to carry you can take this with you when travelling, so your baby can use the toilet anywhere with ease.

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