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Right On Cue

This Suzuki Pool Table provides a class-leading game experience, with 777 pool cloth that lets shots zip across the table effortlessly. The Suzuki Pool Table comes packed with accessories, including four cues, rail set for outer pocket, a three-piece height adjustable lamp shade, one triangle, a box of 12 pcs chalk and nine extra 9mm tips. Standing on six legs also makes the Suzuki Pool Table far sturdier than others in its class. It truly is perfect for all kinds of players, from amateurs who size up their shots with extreme care, as well as the tricksters potting balls in pockets with skill.

A Pool Of Fun

The Play In The City Pool Table, measuring 8ft x 4ft in size, is a great choice for both personal and office fun. With its sleek design and contemporary lines, this will definitely catch the eye of everyone you play with. Made of high density quality wood and hardboard, this pool table also has a layer of scratch-resistant PVC. The best thing about the table is that its legs are adjustable and foldable. This means it can be rested against the wall after use and liberate extra space in the process. With an automatic ball return system and fine quality green fabric felt, the Play In The City Pool Table is the perfect choice for uninterrupted, fun gameplay.

Style Meets Substance

The BILLIARDO MDF Pool Table American Billiard Style With Both Side Automatic Ball Collection System is a culmination of nearly 20 years of expertise in building quality pool tables. This trendy looking pool table measures 8 ft x 4 ft and is made out of high density, super processed MDF wood, along with a MDF playfield, and has scratch resistant PVC. For added versatility, the pool table has chrome plated, height adjustable leg levellers, so all players can get the best angles on their shots. The top notch felt on the table top enhances the gameplay greatly.

The Offer On The Table

Those considering adding a pool table for recreation at homes, offices or social clubs, must consider the Playing City GSS Enterprises Pool Table. Its high density wood and hardwood composition makes it sturdy enough for prolonged use, while the scratch proof PVC layering minimizes the wear and tear of the surfaces over time. The Playing City GSS Enterprises Pool Table also has chrome-plated, height adjustable leg levellers, which means the table can be adjusted to provide the best playing posture of each player. The great quality of the table is apparent in the felt used, that allows smooth and fast play

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