Top pet grooming tools you should try

FP Studio March 04, 2021 18:20:01 IST
Top pet grooming tools you should try

HUFT Anti Tick & Flea Spray

This Heads Up for Tails is a 100% organic pet anti flea and tick spray for dogs and cats. It is perfect for the tick season. You can pray directly on your pets' head, torso and legs and also on their bedding, clothes and collars etc. This product has been scientifically proven to control fleas and ticks. The eucalyptus oil naturally repels fleas and ticks. The spray has no artificial colours or fragrances or synthetic chemicals. Human grade ingredients are used making it safe for use around children.

Wahl Flea Comb

The Wahl Flea Comb is a vegetarian product. It is designed to detect fleas, flea eggs, and ticks. It is safe for everyday use. Apart from detecting fleas and ticks and removing them, this flea comb can also be used for untangling fur. This comb leaves a smooth finish after being used on the pet’s fur. It is a soft touch comb. The tips of the comb are rounded and do not irritate or hurt the skin of your pet. It is recommended for short, medium and long coats. This comb can be used for dogs, cats and rabbits.

P P Enterprise Comfortable Pet Bathing Tool

This is a multi-functional pet bathing tool which can be used for bathing and cleaning and massaging your pet. It is easy and convenient to use. The force of water can be adjusted. It reduces the occurrence of pet skin disease. The massage function helps to reduce anxiety in the pet during bathing. It is made of rubber and plastic making it easy to clean and maintain. It comes in one size which fits all; the strap attaches securely to your hand.

Shrajs Dog Comb Anti-Bite Gloves for Bathing

This is a glove cum comb. The glove saves the pet parent from bites. It is free-size. The product can be used for dogs and other pets. The comb has soft bristles with rounded edges which ensures that your pet is not hurt in the cleaning process. The fur/hair that gets stuck is convenient to clean making this comb easy to maintain. The comb gently untangles and combs the fur of the pet. This product is pocket friendly and is sturdy enough to last for a couple of months.

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