Top perfumes for women

FP Studio October 16, 2020 09:30:49 IST
Top perfumes for women

Rejuvenating feel

It's contemporary and crafted from a bouquet of flowers. Experience the scent of garden-fresh flowers from the English countryside in every spray. Energising and rejuvenating, this perfume gives you a refreshing feel. In every whiff of it, you can hear whispers of the lush English gardens. It is everything that a modern perfume should have: its breezy and countryside feel will keep you hooked. It is an absolute must have in your make-up drawer and will garner a lot of attention. Each fragrance is made of layers of rich notes, unfolding to reveal a sublime and delicate experience, with the perfect blend of strength and softness. Those who appreciate floral will definitely enjoy this marvel.

Contemporary vibe

Explore this vibrant women's perfume through the freshness of a watermelon, lemon fusion and woody notes. Spray on pulse point areas where your skin is the thinnest. Wrist, neck, behind ear, inside elbow and behind knee and watch it transport you to a dreamlike world. The chic sophistication of tuberose gets playful in a sweet declaration of femininity. This 100 ml bottle is a burst of floral high. Its brilliant fragrance will light up the brain's olfactory bulb and get you instant compliments. It has a great staying power and does not overwhelm. Those in search of a stellar perfume need to seriously consider this product.

Long-lasting smell

Inspired by exotic white flowers, the fragrance will transport you to a morning in France. This is a sensual feminine fragrance inspired by the delicate white blossoms on a Calabrian hillside. It is a mesmerising blend of rich musk, mild amber, sea spray and at 120 ml is a grand celebration of beautiful notes. It will easily fit into your handbag and you can carry it around with you. It has a long staying power and you need not worry. A terrific price option for buyers who seek a budget option. Wear it every day and with great elan.

Sweet notes

Start your day with this irresistible fragrance. The bottle is extremely lightweight which makes it travel friendly. Its glass case lends it an extra dash of style. It is not just an ideal gift for yourself but for your loved ones too. It is safe on skin and is suitable for everyday use. This women's perfume brings out the subtle freshness that has a lasting effect for a long day. The fruity top note is just perfect, while the middle note is floral and the base has a solid woody scent. This is a great party wear or for those special occasions with family and friends.

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