Top pen sets for gifting purposes

FP Studio October 13, 2020 14:07:30 IST
Top pen sets for gifting purposes

Makes work fun

Feeling creative or tired of the mundane blue black or green ink? This product consists of as many as 10 multicolour gel pens with a hint of glitter in it. Apart from regular colours such as red, orange, green, yellow it also includes shades such as gold and silver. The colours do not smudge and keep the paper neat. It highlights as the colours are prominent. The gel flows of these pens are controlled yet free making these pens a hit for highlighting and creative purposes. These pens are designed in such a way that even after using them for hours your hand will not hurt rather the rubber grip provides comfort to fingers and the gel flow of these pen are controlled. If you wish to make work fun and add a touch of colour to it, these pens are the best choice.

With a twist mechanism

This product is a combination of both style and flow. The sleek all black matte finish raises the style quotient bar and the smooth ball tip provides a seamless and comfortable writing experience. This product has a twist mechanism with a smooth tip-in-tip out in a single twist. If you are looking for style sophistication and a great writing experience this is the product for you.

Beautiful handwriting can be your thing too

If you are into calligraphy or a beautiful handwriting lures you, this product is for you! This product contains three black pens available in three readymade tip sizes of 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm which adds an edge to art of calligraphy. It is easy to use and works well for beginners and professionals equally. These pens can be used for writing English, Devanagari script where writing is from left to right and also Urdu script where writing is from right to left. To give that professional edge to your calligraphy, this is your go-to product for sure.

Minimalistic design

What’s the point of carrying a pen if it does not work when needed, well if you agree, this product will change your perspective. With minimalistic design this pen is feather-light and runs long. Its super sleek body and nib provides a speedy and satisfying writing experience making this product one of a kind. The long-lasting ink makes sure of the consistency in the flow of writing. For a fatigue free experience of writing, this ball point pen is the product for you.

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