Top olive oil options for healthy living

FP Studio October 13, 2020 16:35:16 IST
Top olive oil options for healthy living

Comes in a tin pack

It comes in a very durable metal tin and sunlight-resistant packaging. It boosts your health with antioxidants, MUFA and PUFA rich diet to lower cholesterol. It is an all-purpose cooking oil suitable for sauteing, shallow frying or deep frying all your favourite dishes. It has an exquisite flavour and aroma from hand-picked olives. It comes with no preservatives or flavour. Use it the kitchen for cooking or for the nourishment of your hair or massage on your baby for soft and shiny skin. Looking for low-cholesterol cooking oil, then this is the product for you.

Extra virgin olive oil

It is a 100 percent extra virgin olive oil, created by first cold pressing of raw olives. This product is manufactured and packed in Spain. The organic oil has low saturated fat. It can be used for salad dressing, marinating and garnishing. It is rich in aroma and has splendid taste. It comes in a bottle packaging for best spill-proof experience. Use it as a substitute for butter and ghee without worrying about your health. For those who seek organic cooking oil, this is the one.

Meant for Indian cooking

Craving for some delicious Indian cuisine but worried about your maintaining good health? Then this is the oil for you to consider. It is ideal for Indian cooking and deep frying. It is flavourful and extra light oil and can be used for salad dressing, condiments and a healthy butter substitute too. Light oil is perfect for food to enjoy fresh aroma and flavour of olives. It is good for heart, liver and maintains good overall health. It is also said to aid in weight loss too.

Original taste and aroma

The mild flavour olive oil is carefully balanced between fruity, sharp and spicy. It comes from a special selection of highest quality olives cultivated under the Mediterranean sun, with all their taste and aroma. It comes in an attractive glass packaging and has a maximum shelf life of 24 months. It is a blend of first cold-pressed oils from high-quality olives. It is best used for dressing and cooking. It is GMO free and a fresh produce. For better experience, store it away from direct heat and light. If you are looking for a trusted brand and an aromatic blend, then this is the oil for you.

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