Top notch shaving foams for men

FP Studio September 18, 2020 09:28:19 IST
Top notch shaving foams for men

Makes beard soft immediately

Gillette is one of the most popular brands out there when it comes to facial hair care for men. Its Gillette Classic Regular Pre Shave Foam is an old favourite. It has extra rich, creamy lather that spreads evenly and rinses easily to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Gillette Foam features Gillette comfort glide formula including glycerine that hydrates skin and it also has special lubricants to enhance your razor glide for a smooth, comfortable shave. The classic regular foam is suitable for all skin types. It leaves the skin smooth after shaving. Just apply it and start shaving as beard gets soft immediately.

Less irritation

As the name suggests, the Fresh Essential Shave Foam-Sensitive is made for men with sensitive face skin. This is also a great foam for men who are shaving off their beards after a very long time. The foam softens the stubble and enables your razor to glide smoothly, which ensures that there are minimal nicks and cuts while you shave. It softens the beard and protects skin from irritation. It is also paraben free which reduces the chance of itchy skin. The shaving foam leaves a soothing & cooling sensation that keeps you refreshed all day long.

Good for delicate skin

This is another product that is great for men with sensitive face skin. The Spruce Shave Club Natural Shaving Gel For Men is crafted with natural ingredients and pure essential oils that lubricate your skin and soften beard hair to ensure that your razor glides smoothly. The shaving gel has been specially crafted for sensitive skin to prevent razor burn and redness. Your skin will stay hydrated and smooth. With ingredients like aloe vera leaf extract and lavender essential oil, your skin is free from dryness and UV damage.

Coconut oil properties

The LetsShave Shave Foam uses one of the oldest anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients in India: Coconut oil. This not only prevents your skin from drying but also moisturizes it and prevents razor burns. The rich lather is an effective cushion between the skin and the blades, making the razor glide across your skin and softening beard hair. The foam is also free from parabens and sulphates that cause UV damage to your skin. Perfect for the man who shaves 2-3 times a week.

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