Top night cream for youthful skin

FP Studio October 30, 2020 14:25:43 IST
Top night cream for youthful skin

Guards against UV rays

Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E and almond oil, the cream guards skin against harmful UV damage and keeps skin cells healthy and brightens dull skin effectively. This cream is suitable for normal to dry skin and pigmented skin. The presence of hyaluronic acid protects against sun exposure, free radicals and environmental stress. It helps maintain a healthy moisture to work on signs of ageing. Shea butter ensures soft and conditioned feel and protects skin from drying out. If you are looking to restore skin elasticity and firmness for a younger and radiant skin, then go for this.

Get younger looking skin

This cream is elegantly crafted to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing while you sleep. Massage every evening especially on areas prone to ageing and neck using fingertips to exfoliate. Presence of hyaluronic acid, pentapeptides and carob extract, this cream is a moisture with luxurious, skin-plumping formula to reduce fine lines. It is supercharged with advanced amino-peptide complex II to regenerate skin’s surface cells and penetrate 10 layers deep into skin’s surface for a youthful you. If you are looking for a lifted, younger looking skin with reduced wrinkles and fine lines, then go for this.

Absorbs quickly into skin

Enriched with vitamin C, lemon essence and yogurt bifidus, this cream works on the skin like a brightening yogurt treatment. Its ultra-light texture leaves no greasy residue and absorbs quickly into the skin. Spread the cream evenly on cleansed face and neck to reduce dullness, lighten pores and skin tone, and exfoliate dead cells. The cream helps slow down the process of skin darkening and shield your skin from sun exposure. The unique texture nourishes and moisturises skin while you sleep leaving a fairer, fresh and smooth skin. Go for this if nigh cream if you need a Vitamin C formula to deal with dull skin.

Deeply moisturises

This old-age ayurvedic formula is enriched with organically grown and cold pressed oils to deliver vital nutrition to the skin and add a healthy glow. It rejuvenates and deeply moisturises the skin. Anantmool is effective for acne and pigmentation, and evens out skin tone. Presence of kokum butter helps nourish cells to boost skin’s natural hydration levels. Saffron and sandalwood give rich glowing complexion, retains moisture and has a toning, cooling and purifying effect. Suitable for dry to normal skin, the cream protects and repairs the skin tone. If you want a rejuvenated, firm and glowing skin, buy this herbal product.

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