Top mixer grinders to grace your kitchen

FP Studio June 11, 2020 16:54:44 IST
Top mixer grinders to grace your kitchen

Mix handsome amount of ingredient in one go

Loaded with a powerful 550 watt motor, this mixer grinder is the answer to all of your kitchen troubles. With its futuristic design and three super-efficient blades it can mix almost anything. You do not have to worry about creating a mess because of its sturdy handles with great gripping mechanism. The jars are of large dimension to accommodate a lot of ingredients in one go. Made out of stainless steel, there are three jars available with this product. Cleaning is super easy due to its thoughtful shape.

Now work continuously for a long time

This buy is going to last you many years as the mixer grinder has double ball bearings for efficiency and low maintenance. It comes with a juicer that promises trouble-free running with its centrifugal rotation. The juicer has a unique honeycomb filter mesh to give you finer juice with higher yield. The mixer finely retains the original flavour and aroma of juices and food so that no essence gets wasted in the process.

You do not have to think of shocks as it is safe to use and contains stainless steel blades.

Let your kitchen glow with this stylish mixer

If you seek to create a kitchen space that will be a work of art, then this is your calling. Compact in size so that it consumes less space in comparison to the bulky food processors, this mixer comes with two interchangeable jars. The jars of 500 ml and 300 ml volume have lids as well as seasoning caps. It has a superfast motor and two sets of stainless steel blades – one for blending purposes and the other for grinding. No matter how much pressure you exert while running this, it will not slip as it has non-skid rubber footing.

Comes with four jars of different sizes

Easy to use even by beginners as the mixer has suction feet that ensure less vibration even while doing heavy grinding operation. It is a value for money product as it comes with four different jars of varying sizes that can be used to mix different items. Its super sleek body is sure to attract eyes in addition to its high efficiency. The high tech blades are perfect for mixing and grinding food items to fine particles. The innovative design of the mixer ensures that the motor is not damaged even after prolonged usage.

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