Top microwave covers to keep your oven safe

FP Studio November 05, 2020 00:10:43 IST
Top microwave covers to keep your oven safe

Keep your oven safe

This cover protects the surface from scratches, wear and tear, stain, dust as well as other particles. You can protect your oven from all sides with this product. This cover is meant for a LG 28 litre microwave oven. It is available in 7 different colour and design patterns. What really works for you is that the material used in this cover is waterproof. To keep your appliance safe and protected at all times but this waterproof cover.

Made from polyester

This cover has material and stitching assembled by the dedicated designer team and it is perfect to protect the microwave. The colour combination and design of these covers are absolutely beautiful and looks very rich, elegant and attractive. Since it is made from polyester it is perfect for all surfaces and fits on major brands of microwave oven. It also has 4 utility pockets, 2 on each side, which increases its worthiness. This top cover is resistant to rough handling and is extremely easy to wipe and clean.

Get some glamour

This microwave oven cover enhances the beauty and glamour of the kitchen. This particular cover is suited for a IFB convection model of 25 litres capacity. One needs to remove the cover before using the microwave oven and put it back on immediately when the cooking is done. This one has a floral print in a brown base colour. The flowers are printed in white. If you are looking for a glamorous cover for your microwave oven which is an allrounder, this is the right choice.

With a zipper

This cover is made for a Samsung 28 litres microwave. It is made from quality PVC material and it also has attractive prints. It fits like a dream and is made as per the dimensions of the microwave. There is a zipper for complete coverage and it also helps take off the cover easily when the appliance is in use. The fabric is washable with mild detergent and cold water. Your search for a colourful and exciting cover ends here with this product.

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