Top menstrual cups to keep you pad-free

FP Studio November 03, 2020 00:10:11 IST
Top menstrual cups to keep you pad-free

Wonderful reusable option

While people with low cervixes will need to always need to try and find the best fit, this one is a great place to start. Far easier to fold, insert, remove, and clean, this cup is easy on the pocket and comes in various sizes. Comfort is more important when you're starting out and beginners can easily practice various folds to find the best one for them. This soft cup complies with Indian, US, and EU standards and is made of high-quality, tear-proof silicon. If you want to say goodbye to mess, stains, and monthly pad expenses, get this reusable cup.

Hassle-free period care for teens

Available in three sizes, this ultrasoft-cup gives you 10-12 hours of comfortable protection without the odor, irritation, rashes, and dryness often caused by pads. Ideal for any women up to 25 years or who have not given birth, this eco-friendly option is perfect for all lifestyles. Now you can enjoy uncompromised protection throughout the day. We loved the freedom it gave us to swim, hike, and try out all kinds of adventure sports without worrying about leakage, changing or hygiene. With no wings or strings to complicate the process, this cup is great for anyone who wants to insert it in the morning and forget about it during the day.

Make a sustainable choice

Made from medical-grade silicone, this cup is easily one of the easiest to use and store. Wear it all day long and stay comfortable While other methods can be bulky and expensive, this one-time investment will last you for the next 5 years and cut your waste to zero pads and tampons easily. Well built, fragrance-free, and with no chemicals, it is extremely safe and leaks proof. A sustainable choice, this cup is both reusable and recyclable making it the perfect pick for anyone who cares about the environment and using a more efficient system of period care.

Comfortable and easy to travel with.

Ladies that travel, do yourself a favor and convert to the cup! We really liked this one that’s soft and flexible with a bulb like a shape. This makes it easier to insert and use. Besides, it's made of 100% platinum cured soft medical grade silicone and has no sharp edges making it comfortable to wear all day long. The included hygiene pouch makes it convenient to throw into your handbag or suitcase and carry anywhere. The uniquely designed rim gives it an excellent grip while the stem makes for easy retrieval without spillage. While the cup itself is said to last for up to 5 years even with regular use, this one is perfect for frequent travelers and new users alike. Get it without a second thought.

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