Top mattress protectors to keep your mattress new

FP Studio July 20, 2020 12:20:35 IST
Top mattress protectors to keep your mattress new

New way of easy lifestyle

These protectors are pretty easy to slip on your mattresses and provide the right fit.
Hence, putting it on your bed and removing is a tension free step. It is made with two distinctive layers. The top layer absorbs any kind of liquid instantly keeping the surface dry, meanwhile the lower layer prevents the liquid from seeping into the mattress. This in-house brand has gained much credibility with its performance and delivery. Buy this waterproof mattress protector to keep your mattress safe from any kind of spill and marks. It comes with elastic spandex and hence your mattress will have no lumps and make for a great fit.

Breathable product

Made with terry cotton material, this is a breathable mattress protector. The 200 thread count makes it a durable and quality product. It provides a smooth feel and keeps the surface cool. Taking care of the product is super easy as it is washable in the Washing machine . Additionally, this bed linen comes with matching pillow covers so it is also value for money. We recommend these mattress protectors because they are best in terms of comfort and the overall experience.

For a deep sound sleep

This mattress protector reduces the chances of allergies as it prevents any kind of mold from growing. The PVC material product comes with elastic bands to keep the protector correctly stationed above the mattress. This wonderful product will provide safety against bed bugs, urine, dust mites and fungus. As it is enhanced with anti-mold technology to fight against fungus, you do not have to worry about allergies whatever be the season. This one is a real value for money.

Pristine look for your bedroom

With its pure white finish, using this mattress protector will lighten up the mood of the entire decor. While microfiber is the primary material used to make this protector, good quality terry cotton has been used for the upholstery work. It can be removed from the bed whenever you find its surface dirty. Weighing only 200 grams, this product is extremely light to carry around and hence easy to manage.

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