Top lunch boxes for daily use

FP Studio October 12, 2020 12:13:39 IST
Top lunch boxes for daily use

The perfect plastic

The wide range of lunch boxes is made of food safe plastic and it will keep food healthy and fresh for a long time. The lunchboxes have spill proof lids and this ensures zero leakage. Also, the design makes it easy to open and close. Blue, pink and purple are the colours to choose from. The package contains: a larger box (350ml), 2 small boxes (200ml) and tumbler (370ml). Though made of plastic, this one can be easily put inside the refrigerator. The biggest selling point of this lunch box is that it fits into a microwave easily and saves you all the hassle of transferring food from one container to another for heating.

Packs all the nutrients

These containers are very suitable to be kept in freezer and are extremely easy to be washed in dishwashers. The differently-sized boxes can be used to store curries, rice as well as an assortment of delicious dishes. The boxes come within a functional bag and it is made up of specially coated material, which repels water and food stains. You can carry the entire meal to office and treat yourself to a meal just the way you would want to do at home. For those who want a leak proof option, this is the best product as the stainless-steel containers are airtight.

Keeps food hot for hours

This lunch box is insulated as it has a soft outer jacket that will keep your food hot for long hours. It contains 3 leak lock containers and comes with a plastic fork and knife. It contains two 280 ml containers and a 500 ml one. This lunchbox is made in a combination of stainless steel and plastic. The boxes are made of steel while the lids are plastic. Want to keep your food hot? Buy this lunchbox with the best insulation.

Made of glass

This lunch box is made of 100% borosilicate glass and tougher than ordinary lunchboxes. Borosilicate glass is many times tougher than ordinary glass. It also does not retain any stains or odours. There is a silicon gasket in this lunch box that ensures the container is completely spill-proof. The glass ensures that it can withstand extreme temperatures – you can put it from the fridge directly into microwave without any worry. This is reliable brand with focus on making containers and other kitchen ware. Go for this one, if you want to get an ideal lunch box.

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