Top liquid hand cleansers to stay safe and healthy

FP Studio June 05, 2020 21:22:15 IST
Top liquid hand cleansers to stay safe and healthy

The best fast acting hand protection

Formulated with breakthrough technology in hand hygiene protection, Lifebuoy’s Active Naturol Shield provides high efficacy germ protection and skin care to prevent damage and germ attacks through damaged skin. This patented ingredient is a combination of naturally derived substances and innovative science. Now paired with Activ Silver formula, this cleanser provides advanced protection against germs in 10 seconds. And for the record this skin-friendly liquid soap solution is of great use to families with kids as they tend to not spend enough time washing their hands. So it’s time to get your kids in on this scrubbing action!

For a sustainable and naturally derived option

If you have sensitive skin and are worried about how to avoid harsh chemicals, then Godrej’s hand wash offering with 98% ingredients sourced from nature and no harmful chemicals is your best bet. Enriched with glycerin, for its highly emollient properties and loaded with other essential oils, this liquid hand wash will leave your skin moisturized while still fighting against germs. And if you want to eliminate odours then you can’t go wrong with this one. Notably, if you are looking for a sustainable option, the bottles used are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable, making it one of the best earth-friendly hand wash available.

The best moisturizing liquid hand wash

Coming from a popular brand known for its antiseptic products, this dermatologically tested hand wash is designed to provide effective cleansing that is gentle on skin by providing a moisture shield for soft and supple hands. Also don’t forget the cleanliness and moisturizing benefits that this hand cleanser provides. Boasting antiviral protection from H1N1 virus, Rotavirus, Stomach Flu and the Flu virus, this cleanser allows you to break the chain of infection. You’ll be happy to note that this liquid soap has no added TCC, Triclosan or parabens, and with its great price point, this truly is the go-to for hand hygiene.

Everyday germ protection for your family

We’ve saved the best for last, this trusted and time-tested liquid hand wash brand protects against 100 illness causing germs. This soap free formula has been dermatologically tested with no TCC and Triclosan to give you 10x better protection vs any ordinary soaps available in the market. Also enriched with naturally derived ingredients and plant sourced cleansers to ensure proper hand hygiene protection from germs to keep you and your family healthy. So pick this for all-round defense for your family!

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