Top LED bulbs for your home

FP Studio June 08, 2021 19:01:45 IST
Top LED bulbs for your home

Brighten up your home

This bulb has a wireless range of 33 feet, with that kind of range all you need to do is sit back, relax and let the music play. All the bulb controls are on a handy remote, ensuring you are in control of the music and light brightness levels at the touch of a button. We found we were able to find and pair the device with Bluetooth easily and no requirement for any software allows for more space on your media device for music. The fact that this bulb also comes with a converter for your light socket is a huge added value. Buy this now to transform your space into a fun experience.

A unique lighting solution

Suitable for all spaces, this light bulb with a built-in speaker provides the illumination capability of a 50 Watt bulb at half the power consumption. The bulb is designed to be dust-free so the speaker outputs crystal clear audio. The remote control allows you to change the brightness level of the bulb and can be used as a night light as well, perfect to use in a nursery and soothe your baby to sleep. The remote also allows you to change the color of the bulb at the touch of a button to suit your mood and there are 12 to choose from. The great-sounding speaker along with a light that shines brighter than the previous version makes this LED bulb a worthy addition to the list.

Mood lighting to brighten up your day

Using 12 Watts and brightening up the room with an astounding 800 lumens, this bulb promises 30,000 hours of life. The music and colors are controlled by a Bluetooth-enabled remote control that ships with the bulb. The remote has options to stop, pause, play, and increase or decrease the volume, keeping you in total control of the dance party! The bulb's PCB circuit panel has a feature that saves the last lighting mode to its memory so you can have the lighting mode or color you love the moment you switch it on. Great build quality and the bulb's ease of use plant it firmly on our list of favorites.

Because your home deserves the best

This smart bulb offers voice control as one of its unique features, combining it with an Alexa device makes controlling the wifi-enabled bulb a hands-free experience. The bulb's lighting can be scheduled through a timer to suit your mood, planning a romantic evening just got easier. Use the timer to switch the bulb on, off, or even dim the light. You control the smart bulb through a Panasonic Smart Wifi app that ensures your data privacy and security are never compromised. If you dream of having a smart home then this bulb-taking home automation to the next level puts you one step closer to realizing that dream.

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