Top lamps for your desk

FP Studio July 27, 2020 16:53:36 IST
Top lamps for your desk

Unique dimming technique

This lamp comes with a 3-grade dimming technique which modifies the brightness and helps maintain the ambience with colours. You can adjust the light to the angle that is right for you with a flexible gooseneck, and a durable exterior. It also has feather touch so that one can easily control on/off as well as the dimming and colour changing features. If you are looking for a lamp with innovative design, this is the one for you.

Prepare to be LED

This lamp comes with an LED light source and minimalistic design. It is very efficient and saves a lot of energy. This means it will take care of your electricity bill. These LED bulbs are long-lasting and are great value for money. These bulbs produce less heat, even when they are used for a long time. The lamp produces a warm colour light that is soothing to the eyes. This lamp comes from the house a leading brand in electrical and electronic equipment. Go for this lamp for its reliability and brand value.

Smart and bright

It comes with a flexible gooseneck to give you the maximum light at a perfect angle. The reflectors are perfect for directing the light. There is an aperture as well as an outer shell for lamp alignment and protection. There is also a shade to diffuse the light or direct it towards a workspace. The bottom promotion is also made of good quality plastic and the mid portion is fully rotatable. There is also a pen stand attached to the base where you can store some of your stationery. This is an ideal product for those hard pressed for space and need a flexible desk lamp.

A Bright Idea

This lamp provides a non-flickering light which protects your eyes. It is ideal for study, craft work, reading, or painting. This clip-on light can work for 5 hours if fully charged. The clip light can be adjusted to an angle that suits you. This desk lamp comes with a USB cable which can be attached to an adapter, laptop or a power bank to get it charged. The light consumes 80% less power and will reduce your power bill. Opt for this one if you need a value for money desk lamp.

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