Top king size mattresses for a good night’s sleep

FP Studio July 23, 2020 19:14:13 IST
Top king size mattresses for a good night’s sleep

Anti-skid fabric

Another exciting offering from the in-house brand, this mattress provides superior back care. The mattress offers support to your body weight during different sleep cycles. It is made with three distinct layers, and topped with a knitted, soft fabric. This mattress provides support to the spine and assumes the shape of the body to reduce pressure points. The mattress has anti-skid fabric at the bottom to suppress its movement on the bed. If you are looking for a comfortable and soft mattress, this is the one we recommend.

Comes with non-removable cover

If you have children, elderly people at home then you should go for this mattress which comes with a non-removable fixed cover. This mattress adds style to your room and is made of a fabric that breathes which helps you get a better sleep. Both the sides of this mattress can be put to use and this could be a great option to look forward to when you have guests coming in.

Mattress with memory foam

For complete comfort, you should get this king size mattress which has enhanced firmness. The memory foam in the quilting of this mattress offers luxurious comfort and relieves pressure from the body. It is made with soft knitted fabric that gives you a plush feel. There is a five-layer engineered design to provide optimum back support.
The airmesh fabric on the bottom allows circulation of air so that your body breathes while sleeping. This is a perfect mattress for those looking for a real value of the money spent. To sum it all up, this mattress is an all-rounder available at an exciting price.

Mattress with motion restricting technology

To ensure complete rest in your sleep, this mattress comes with pocket springs. These springs provide support not only to your back but the entire body. The mattress distributes the pressure of the body equally. It has unique motion restricting technology that prevents the mattress from disturbing your sleep even when the person sleeping next to you moves. The USP of thi mattress is the heat absorption technology that helps keep it cool throughout the night and ensures sweat-free sleep.

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