Top irons to always keep your clothes perfect

FP Studio July 23, 2020 15:54:13 IST
Top irons to always keep your clothes perfect

Better caring for clothes

This one comes with an array of features which gives the clothes the best ironing experience. It is light in weight, easy to use and highly effective on creases. The high quality non-stick American heritage soleplate makes sure that this iron glides effortlessly on all types of fabrics. It is efficient as it consumes only 1000 watts of power. It heats up in no time to deliver best ironing results while saving you time. There is a simplified temperature control knob which allows you to adjust the temperature. Looking for the best value for money? Opt for this product.

With a Teflon coating

This product comes with a unique floral design, which adds a sense of elegance to your home appliance collection. There are times when the iron overheats and sticks to the clothes. This leads to them being torn and damaged. This iron has a plate that has teflon coating so it won’t stick to the fabric in case of excessive heat. It has a neon indicator. The plastic body ensures that the iron is lightweight. Perfect iron for those who have a busy life and need a hassle-free product.

Your clothes deserve it

This product comes with a spray function. It produces a fine mist that evenly moistens the fabric, making it easier to iron out creases. It is also easy to fill water in the tank thanks to the huge filling hole. It has continuous steam output with variable settings. The iron has a button groove for easy ironing around the buttons and seams. This is the ideal iron for the clothes that need special care such as your silk saree. Coming from the house of a top brand, this one is a premium product which ticks all the boxes.

A very stylish product

These dry irons are ergonomically designed for a better grip. Its dry iron range will keep your favourite pair of trousers. The aerodynamic design makes ironing easier for tricky areas. This one comes with a cord winder and well, it makes it easy to use and store. The grip is just perfect for you to hold on to while taking care of the creases. This one ideal if you don’t have enough storage space and need a compact product.

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