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Behind Every Great Shot

With a leather grip that helps you take better control due to better grip, the BAS Vampire CE Brig Fiber Glass Hockey Stick with Leather Grip Junior Size is the perfect choice for youngsters aiming to become the next hockey star of India. Measuring about 90 cms in length, it’s a perfect stick for beginners to get a handle of the game. The compact dimensions allow players of all ages and sizes to effectively use the stick. But the most useful feature of the BAS Vampire CE Brig FiberGlass Hockey Stick is the fibreglass reinforcement, which makes the stick tough and durable, without making it heavy and bulky.

Stick With The Best

A bestseller in its category, the Sunley Edge Hockey Stick for Practice Level has helped many young players fall in love with the game. The good looks are an added bonus, but what really sets this stick apart from the rest is its great build quality. With a flawless wooden finish, the stick is designed for durability, which will deliver optimum on-field performance, as users improve their game. The great grip on this stick means you never lose control of your shots, no matter what position you strike the ball in. Truly, the Sunley Edge Hockey Stick is all you need to push your skills to the limit.

Get A Grip On The Game

This one is a fine quality wooden stick that has a better grip than ones made out of fibre. Made with the best quality raw materials, the hockey stick is highly durable, which paired with the handling abilities of the stick, gives the players the confidence to ride opponent’s blocks and tackles and weave a path to goal. This stick provides the power and flexibility that you will need to make sure your shots reach their intended targets. Its design gives players great control, and it is lightweight and easy to handle. When it comes to hockey sticks, the Flash Hockey Stick Scorpio is great value for money.

For Players Of All Types

The ALFA AX1 Hockey Stick is one of the best in the hockey world. It’s a composite stick, with a design intended to make the game more intensive and faster, thanks to its lightweight durability. The composite structure is made of high-tech materials, with 10% Carbon and 10% Kevlar, added to 80% fibreglass, to yield a form that will endure for years to come. This stick is ideal for coaching and training purposes. The stick measures about 37 inches in length, which makes it an ideal choice for players of all sizes and at various stages of development. The durable and compact design also makes it easier for players to practice and perfect their shooting skills, as well as their passing abilities.

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