Top helmets that provide best safety

FP Studio June 18, 2020 18:54:44 IST
Top helmets that provide best safety

Helmet that adds to your style statement

A trendy helmet has to match your bike. It has to look stylish as well as provide safety while riding. This full-face graphic helmet sports Italian design and has a quick release micrometric button. Available in medium size, the shell is made of high impact Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS, that provides utmost care to your head. It has an ISI safety rating which makes it one of the safest wearable devices. It is available in different colours and three types of visors including plain, smoke and night vision. The helmet has breathable padding, neck protector and air booster system. The lightweight helmet has a hygienic interior with multiple pores for better ventilation during summer months.

This one can withstand daily wear and tear

If you are travelling to work on a two-wheeler every day and looking out for an ideal helmet, then this wearable is for you. This extremely comfortable and well-ventilated gear provides your head protection from accidental injuries. It is easy to wear and is made with materials that can withstand rough impact. The helmet is moderately lightweight at around 1.5 kg. You should invest in this helmet as it has a durable body and is super sturdy. It features an outer carbon shell structure which makes it really strong.

Airy design with fully open front and bottom

There are some who feel claustrophobic wearing helmets, but for safety one has to wear it. This helmet has a unique look and is fully open at the front and bottom. Made of a comfortable padded interior, it fits well on your head and has a chin strap with clip mechanism. It is lightweight and durable and has a unique aerodynamic design for maximum comfort and stability. The helmet is worth a buy as it has anti-fog and anti-scratch clear visor which does not let the rainy or foggy days affect your vision while riding.

This helmet is easy to wear and easier to take off!

With our head and face covered while wearing a helmet, we should opt for something that provides comfort and ventilation while riding. This helmet is available with a dynamic ventilation system that helps increase airflow providing more comfort to you while riding. It comes in various graphics options. The outer shell of this headgear has a special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic. It sports a quick release chin strap mechanism for ease of operation and safety. It has regulated density padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen that keeps your head protected from rashes due to sweat.

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