Top hand mixers for easy cooking

FP Studio December 14, 2020 11:15:29 IST
Top hand mixers for easy cooking

For Mess-free cooking

This hand blender is a great choice to avoid spending hours in the kitchen. This hand blender has two speeds and can also be regulated from low to high depending on the kind of blend you want. Mode 1 is perfect for puree, chopping, mixing and mode 2 is great for smoothies, milkshakes or even crushed ice. The blades on this blender are made of high-quality stainless steel and can also be detached for easy maintenance and cleaning. Interestingly it has a splash-guard to ensure that your kitchen is mess-free. Pick this up if you like sleek yet powerful tools to make life easy.

For power, precision and versatility

This easy to use hand blender is ultra-lightweight and has a slip-proof body that helps to blend things up with a good grip. It also comes with a range of accessories like a powerful chopper, detachable stainless-steel blending wand, multi-purpose 600ml jar and a whisker. Its dual-speed feature gives you the control to get the right chops and texture you want. A big plus, this blender comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. This one is a good buy for anyone who wants a variety of features in one appliance.

A classic design that prioritizes your safety

Now, who doesn't like a blender that is powerful, easy to use and comes with a variety of accessories? This one includes - a 600ml chopping bowl, 500ml blender jar and a balloon whisk to make your life in the kitchen easy-breezy. The blender adopts a dual-speed control for your chopping, crushing, stirring or juicing needs. For safety, the blades are housed within a protective guard to protect you from any accidental injury and reduce splashing during chopping or blending your ingredients. Pick this up if you like a stylish yet powerful design with a classic colour scheme.

Easy to Clean and maintain

This 250watts blender is everything you need to quickly blend larger quantities of ingredients for as long as 20 minutes. Its rust-free stainless steel arm and blade support the blending of cooked ingredients and supports blending of both - cold and hot ingredients. Its slim and easy design gives you a great grip and comes with a power button to quickly blend ingredients. For easy maintenance, the blender comes with two removable blades that give you the option to whip or whisk. Its two-year warranty and easy trigger option make it an easy choice for a durable investment that eases your life in the kitchen.

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