Top hand creams for women

FP Studio August 19, 2020 17:45:41 IST
Top hand creams for women

Smells of cherry blossoms

The deep moisturizing ability of this cream penetrates deep into the skin without leaving any stickiness and allows your hands that suppleness. It is an excellent balm for your dry, working hands. The fragrance of cherry blossoms is super amazing and leaves you smelling like spring in Japan. Just squeeze the tube for a tiny little amount and watch it work its magic into your skin. For that rich heady aroma and silky touch, this is the hand cream to go for.

With argan oil

This ultra-nourishing hand cream is enriched with shea and cocoa butter to smooth and rejuvenate hands and cuticles. This skin moisturizer is a fast track way to get desirable skin. You can nurse your skin with this intensive formula that is enveloped by a sensual scent of organic argan oil. Its lemon and licorice extracts help fade dark spots and brighten skin tone. The hydrolyzed keratin protein helps in repairing damaged nails and supports longer, stronger, healthier nails. This product is suitable for those who want deep moisturization because this cream comes with intense hydration property.

Time to restore your skin

The cream feels light on the skin. It has quick absorption and long-lasting smooth effect. Ideal for all skin types, this will be your everyday companion. The cream leaves your hands ready to work immediately after application. The cream gets quickly absorbed into the skin to restore the lost moisture from within. It contains glycerine and beeswax which are excellent moisturising agents. It is a product from a top cosmetics brand and is a great value for money. If you want the hands to remain soft all through the day, buy this cream.

Fights ageing skin

This hand cream helps soothe dry, dehydrated hands. It is rich in natural fatty acids that strengthen your skin’s barrier to minimize moisture loss. It also helps remove bad odour from hands. The shea and cocoa butters in the product help strengthen the skin structure. The cream, rich in vitamin E, helps protect from skin damage. There is no use of harmful preservatives or chemicals in this one making it extremely safe for your daily use. It contains avocado oil which is a great choice to fight the signs of ageing. What a hand cream with the best natural ingredient? Just go for this one.

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