Top hair removal devices to keep your skin silky smooth

FP Studio June 26, 2020 00:42:06 IST
Top hair removal devices to keep your skin silky smooth

Various settings for customised needs
The efficient Phillips epilation system pulls out hair from the root. With 2 speed settings to grab the finest strands, it’s perfect for getting the job done without being too harsh on the skin. With 15-volt power and an ergonomic design for a nice, comfortable grip, you won’t mind using this on your arms and legs whenever you need it. Best of all, once you’re done, just remove the cap and rinse under warm water to clean. It's really that simple. If you aren't looking for something fancy and are good with simple and easy functioning, this is your best bet!

This is best for beginners
If you’re curious and want to try out an epilator for the first time, start with this one. Braun as a brand doesn't need any introduction. Not only is it a great price, but its 20-tweezer system gently removes even the shortest hairs from the root and gives you smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. We loved the soft-lift tips that effectively lift even flat lying hairs to give you better results. The travel-friendly compact size easily fits into your palm for a more comfortable glide. Besides, the convenient power cord allows you to never worry about having enough battery power. Choose this for a budget buy!

Great for some last minute touch-ups
Want to keep your eyebrows shaped at all times? Don’t want to go out for a bikini wax appointment? We have all been there. Whether you’re usually on the go and don’t have an outlet handy or you just prefer a device that will save you plenty of time and money spent on expensive eyebrow shaping salon appointments, this is your best bet. Easy to use, this compact little hair remover is safe to use on delicate facial hair or bikini lines with equal efficiency. Avoid pain and excessive redness, cuts or irritation that comes with conventional hair removal with this quick shaver. With blades made of anti-allergic metal, it's gentle on all skin types also making it a great gifting idea.So buy this and say hello to smooth and shiny skin!

Get quick trimming in no time at all
The skin on your face is thinner and more delicate so for something that can be painful hair removal, you want the gentlest approach available. Face, underarm and bikini ready, we like this one for its precision heads that make it easy to get smooth skin in the most sensitive areas with often hard to reach nooks and folds. Single AA battery operated, you can have perfectly shaped brows and do quick trimming touch ups even when you are travelling. Enormously convenient, we loved the little pouch packaging that's compact and protects accessories like the precision heads, combs, beauty cap and cleaning brush intact and in one place.

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