Top hair dryers to style your hair

FP Studio November 11, 2020 08:22:33 IST
Top hair dryers to style your hair

The best all-rounder

This is perhaps one of the more expensive options on the market. But the price is justified when you understand how much it can do. Weighted differently, it might take some getting used to holding and styling your hair, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll begin to enjoy it. Quiet and powerful, we managed to go from wet to hair styled in less than 15 minutes on the highest setting. With a 2.8 meter cord, multiple attachments and negative ions to help reduce static and four precise heat settings, this is a fantastic product that will have your hair looking glossy and stylish for years to come.

The best pro-styler

This professional hairdryer with a 2300 watts output of power, three temperatures and two speeds. The cold air jet is great to fix your hairstyle in place while the powerful ionizer leaves hair looking bright and shiny. The back of the hairdryer is removable, making it easy to clean and maintain. If you have long, thick hair that usually takes forever to dry, this lightweight choice is reliable and dependable and will give you great results every time.

The best for a bouncy blowdry

This dryer offers a ton of control over airflow so you can focus on small sections of hair at a time. Add to this the three heat settings - cold/no heat, low heat, high heat -and you get a shiny, voluminous blowout every time. Offering plenty of flexibility in how you want to dry your hair, this dryer is a real winner. It gets the job done faster and more efficiently, giving you plenty of time to get more done and in peace. Buy this if you’re looking for a great hair tool to replace your old beat up the hairdryer.

Best for salon-like styling on the go

The slim design and ergonomic build of this hairdryer make it a great styling to tool to have while you are travelling on holiday or headed to the gym. There is no fear of arm fatigue when drying with featherlight beauty, and its two attachments make it possible to try out a variety of styles comfortably and efficiently without damaging your hair. Its heat protect technology is mild on both your strands and your scalp. Buy this if you are looking for a sleek and balanced tool that will care for your hair as you style.

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