Top hair brushes for any hairstyle you desire

FP Studio June 06, 2020 00:00:41 IST
Top hair brushes for any hairstyle you desire

Say goodbye to tangled hair

Ideal for de-tangling, smoothening and adding shine to your hair, the Vega Paddle brush is one of the most versatile brushes you can ask for. Nylon bristles with stay-put ball tips easily penetrate the hair to stimulate and massage the scalp and reduce snags and tangles. Best suited to medium or long hair and available in square and oval shapes, its air cushion base allows stress free brushing every time. Ergonomically designed, it has a comfortable grip and non-slip handle for easy use even when recreating complex hairstyles that can take hours. And yes, you got this one right, pick this one for straighter hair needs.

Add some pep to your hair!

Made by the house of GUBB, this round brush works perfectly with a medium powered hair dryer to give your hair added bounce and detangles knotted hair without any pain and with little effort. Soft nylon bristles glide gently through tough tresses and give your scalp a wonderful massage. The bristles with pins help with everyday grooming or complex hair styling with heat. Suitable for all hair types, this is the perfect everyday brush to help you work through your ends or add some finishing touches to complete a look. And oh, we love the non slip handle. This one is a beautiful no brainer!

No more tangled curly hair!

Vega’s Round Brush with clip makes it well suited for those with wavy and curly hair. Special ball tipped bristles allow the brush to glide through even wet hair without snagging or breaking hair. We recommend this one, and you could use this instead of tools with heat for styling. This is great to brush out and add volume to the hair for a frizz free and more finished look. All in all, this brush will make your life easier along with making your hair better and stronger. We say go for it!

Brush away those hair brushing problems

Styling your hair everyday with this round brush is easy. Suitable for all hair types this brush is ideal to add curl, wave and volume to your hair. Tease hair like a pro with this skinny but efficient brush designed to aid backcombing and fluff roots for major volume. Equipped with ball tipped bristles that easily penetrate the hair, stimulate and massage the scalp and add root lift it is sleek and portable enough to fit neatly into your handbag. Smoothen, shape and polish all hair lengths and textures for any festive occasion with ease. Ergonomically designed, the non-slip handle allows perfect gripping and makes it comfortable for use.

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