Top Grade Nunchuks to help you unleash your inner Bruce Lee

FP Studio May 26, 2020 12:21:00 IST
Top Grade Nunchuks to help you unleash your inner Bruce Lee

This one will last you for a long time

The Steel Nunchucks are ready for your hands to go metal on them. This pair of SLYK Stainless Steel Nunchaku Chen Xi is perfect for the martial arts enthusiast who wants to get the most out of their martial arts training. If you are asking yourself why you would want a pair of metal nunchucks, the answer is simple: you are going to drop them a lot while training and that means you want a pair of really durable ones. Stainless steel is durable, which means that these nunchucks will last you for a long, long time.

Extremely durable material!

The name of this nunchak says it all. It is not a martial art instrument to be trifled with. It is meant for professionals. Beginners should stay away from this. This silver nunchak is heavy and can cause some serious damage in the right hands. You can hit them against targets and you will find that they're incredibly hardy against dings, scratches, and hits. As you train regularly with the SMT Nunchucks, your body will become attuned to the amount of force you need to apply. You’ll start moving faster and stronger without even realising it. We highly recommend this one!

Super easy to carry around

This is a nunchaku that can be used by all age groups and all levels of martial arts enthusiasts for training. It is made of stainless steel that is 100% non-toxic. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. A lot of martial arts coaches recommend this product for training and practicing. It’s easy to carry, you can use them at home, gym, office and even carry them on tour. It is an appropriate weight which means experts will love it and beginners can understand how Bruce Lee did what he did.

Get your kid into martial arts with this safer version

The nunchucks are a popular weapon of choice for martial arts practitioners and with good reason. And the Aryshaa Safe Foam Rubber Training Nunchucks just add to the list. It’s best for kids and beginners as the foam padding enables practicing without getting hurt a lot. This might be the best weapon of choice to initiate your kid into learning self defence, as this is quite easy to handle and less injury prone. So you can go ahead and start spinning the nunchucks just like Bruce Lee did.

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