Top golf travel bags to make your game even more fun

FP Studio June 24, 2020 09:40:54 IST
Top golf travel bags to make your game even more fun

Carry Your Weight With Ease

The Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag brings together the best qualities of golf travel bags and more. Made of abrasion-resistant and durable 600D Polyester on the outside, it extends an extra layer of protection to your golf equipment inside, by means of a 5mm padding throughout. That’s enough to cushion any possible impact that the bag might suffer during transit. When it’s in your hands, it’s incredibly easy to maneuver, thanks to the velcro locking carrying handles. The padded shoulder strap also means you can just sling the bag over your shoulders and make your way through crowded airports with ease.

For Players With Purpose

It’s the golf travel bag built for those who cherish convenience. The Izzo Golf Padded Golf Travel Cover makes carrying your golf equipment around a breeze, especially with padded carry support which provides additional support. With dimensions that can expand to 51” x 14” x 12” and collapse to 14” x 12” x 7.5” makes this bag a flexible and versatile piece of storage. Once you pack your equipment inside the Izzo Golf Padded Golf Cover, you can rest assured it will stay protected, thanks to the durable vinyl base and the padded soft case.

Get Your Golf Basics Right

Made of waterproof black canvas, the AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag offers an excellent option for traveling with golf clubs. The durable bag protects your equipment against outside elements, while various straps and click-together fasteners keep stored contents securely in place during transit. With golf clubs stored inside, the golf travel bag can lay flat or be propped up on its own, with the non-skid patches underneath helping to keep it standing securely in place. Unlike rigid travel bags, the soft-sided bag offers a lightweight alternative, with a collapsible design for compact storage when not in use.

Show Your Soft Side

This Golf Club Travel Bag goes a long way in making your golf vacation an enjoyable one. With strengthened wheels and back, this golf travel bag can be lugged and left standing on its own anywhere. What’s more, the soft design is collapsible, so you can fold it and store it when not in use. When fully packed, the golf bag trunk has handles which work in three different carrying positions, providing maximum transit versatility to your luggage. While the overall design sparkles with features, the Golfoy Basics Skybolt Golf Travel Cover Bag has quality built-in, with zippers that will endure through prolonged use.

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