Top gloves to protect your hands and fingers

FP Studio August 20, 2020 21:28:21 IST
Top gloves to protect your hands and fingers

Perfect for residential use

These gloves are highly elastic and puncture and tear resistant with enhanced strength. These disposable gloves are not easily broken and are durable. They have a soft texture with tight fit ensuring they don’t slip off from your hands and are powder and latex free, food grade thus perfect to be used for all household chores. Volo Nitrile Powder-Free Rubber Hand Gloves (Large) come in a pack of 100 gloves.Perfect for people who want that extra layer of protection while doing household chores.

Perfect for Dishwashing

Washing dishes is a chore that a lot of people dread. It takes too long to complete and your fingers often feel like prunes, all dried up and dehydrated, after you have finished washing dishes. ZOQWEID Non-Slip, Dishwashing and Pet Grooming Magic Silicone Scrubbing Gloves, takes away all that tension from your head as they glide over the dishes in your kitchen sink. They provide a solid grip that ensures you don’t break any dish and spend extra time cleaning them up. The silicone material used to make these gloves also works great in grooming your pet. Perfect for people with a lot of crockery at home.

Equipped with ABS finger claws

Today, a lot of people have plants and small home gardens. You have to work hard to keep and maintain your beautiful garden. Some people might balk at the thought of getting their hands dirty and that’s where these gloves come in. These gloves are made of puncture proof material protecting your hands and fingers while you work. They have in-built claws made from durable ABS plastic for digging, planting and ranking. These are a perfect one stop solution to successfully complete all your gardening tasks. RIANZ Gardening Gloves, Garden Gloves with Right Hand Fingertips ABS Claws are non-slip and don’t hold the dirt on them keeping your hands clean.

Thick gloves for industrial use

These gloves are for people who work in industries where they have to touch dangerous chemicals or products. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. These gloves are made of latex and featured with an inner moisture-absorbing cotton flock lining keeping your hands moisture free. They are perfect to be used in heavy industrial use such as chemical industry, surface treatment, leather processing, industrial cleaning. They have designed with a zig-zag textured palm to give a strong grip. SAFEYURA Bi-colour Neoprene Rubber Safety Gloves are 24 mm thick providing strong protection to your hands.

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